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VFIS of North Carolina

 The founder of VFIS, Art Glatfelter, began providing Accident & Sickness coverage to firefighters in 1969.  The A&S policy was a unique product, written to provide coverage for volunteer firefighters injured on the line of duty.  The products provided by VFIS were certainly unique but Cloyce Anders recognized a much more important characteristic in Art Glatfelter and VFIS.  Art developed a team of professionals whose culture remains to this day, “simply doing the right thing”.  This is a company dedicated to establishing life-long relationships through caring service to those who dedicate their lives to serving others. 

Art Glatfelter pic.PNG

Art Glatfelter,

Founder of VFIS


Cloyce Anders,

VFIS of North Carolina

Since 1984, VFIS of North Carolina has served the insurance needs of emergency service organizations throughout North Carolina. Cloyce Anders saw a tremendous need for this coverage in North Carolina and began marketing the coverage from his office in New Bern, NC. He traveled to ESO’s throughout the state, introducing Volunteer Fireman’s Insurance Services and their portfolio of insurance, education and loss control services.  VFIS of North Carolina partners with Fire, Rescue and EMS leaders to develop and provide products that protect the resources of emergency service organizations and promote the health and interests of their most valuable assets….their members.

The culture Cloyce recognized in VFIS and developed at VFIS of North Carolina continues to be the goal of the team at VFIS of North Carolina.  Current President and CEO, Jackie Ireland and his team have committed to passionately serve with respect and integrity, always striving to simply do the right thing.  “We are dedicated to being there for you at your time of need.”


We were first on the scene and still responding!


Jackie F. Ireland, Jr.,,
Managing Director
VFIS of North Carolina

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