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A cancer diagnosis can happen at any time and leave you emotionally, physically and financially overwhelmed. While traditional health insurance is valuable coverage, it may not cover all of the expenses related to your treatment and recovery.
The State of North Carolina recognized the need to support its 53,000 firefighters and their families by creating a pilot program to provide certain cancer benefits for eligible employed and volunteer firefighters.
In response to this requirement, The North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program was created to help bridge the financial gaps that may follow a cancer diagnosis, so you can focus on recovery. This pilot program which began January 1, 2022, has been renewed by the North Carolina Legislature through the 2024-2026 Budget Biennium. It is available to active rostered firefighters, employed and volunteer, who meet certain conditions at no cost to either firefighters or the Fire Departments.

VFIS of North Carolina is honored to provide service to the brave men and women serving as firefighters in the communities of North Carolina.

Cancer Coverage Benefits

Lump Sum Benefit

Medical Cost Reimbursement

Long Term Disability

Who is Eligible?

Eligible Firefighter –
Any person who has served in a North Carolina Fire Department for a minimum of five continuous years+ and meets all the following requirements:

1. Is a volunteer, employee, contractor, or member of a rated and certified Fire Department, or employee of a County Fire Marshal’s Office whose sole duty is to act as fire marshal, deputy fire marshal, assistant fire marshal, or firefighter of the county.

2.  Performs work or training connected with fire protection, fire prevention, fire control, fire education, fire inspection, fire investigation, rescue, Emergency Medical Services, special operations, or performs the statutory duties and responsibilities of the fire chief.

3.  Performs work or training at the direction of the fire chief.

4.  Is included on the certified roster submitted to the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association.

+ If a firefighter, during those five years, experiences a lapse in service of no more than six months, the firefighter shall not be ineligible to receive benefits under the program.

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North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program

For North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program Claims

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