Q. Can I issue COI's, Evidence of Property or Binders?

       a. No. All requests should be submitted to the VFIS of NC Account Manager accordingly.

Q. How do I submit a Claim?

       a. All Accord Loss Notices should be submitted via email with supporting documentation as applicable to the appropriate VFIS of NC Account manager.  Please do not submit Claims to the Company Directly.

Q. Got Flood?

       a. Flood Coverage is automatically provided for Real and Personal Property for all VFIS Insured's. Special "Named Storm" Deductibles may apply to Coastal Accounts.

Q. What are the Age Requirements for Driver's of Insured's Apparatus?

       a. VFIS always "recommends" that the primary operators of Emergency apparatus be 21 years of age.  It has been in the examples of Standard Operating Guidelines that have been provided to the emergency service organizations we insure.  There are no "requirements" to be a certain age when operating an apparatus.  We ask that each department look carefully at the maturity, experience and training level of all their operators to assure they are using the most qualified people to drive.  Age does not preclude anyone from coverage.

Q. Boats/Trailers - How are they covered?

       a. Any boat that is under 100 hp and trailers with the primary purpose of hauling covered Portable Equipment are automatically picked up by the "Blanket Portable Equipment" Coverage. Trailers do need to be added to the Auto Schedule for Liability Purposes.

Q. My insured thinks their building is under/over insured.  Should I increase/decrease the limit?

       a. Contact our office before making any changes to the Building Limit. A Building Valuation may be required.